Wednesday, August 20, 2008

limpeh's new car..

this is what you'll do when you miss driving very badly..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunset in Kota Belud...

ma fren took these photos when we jz got back from offshore today.. i tink i should take back ma words from da previous post... malaysia should not kick kota belud out of the country.. cz it has damn nice sunset view.. it is so far the best sunset limpeh has ever seen.. really!!

these photos were taken from the jetty, right after we reached shore... hehe... enjoy.........

wish ma girlfren was there to see it.. lol..

Friday, August 8, 2008

Limpeh's First Post After Graduation...

Its been long since limpeh last blogged.. ever since limpeh left University, limpeh have never done any blogging at all; not until now, when limpeh is totally extremely freakingly bored in kota belud.. for those of you who do not knw, limpeh is currently on an offshore project in kota belud.. this project is on a daily trip basis.. which means we take crew boat to the oil platform in the morning, and take boat back to our hotel again in the evening.. tats why we are dumped here in this dead place called kota belud la.. coz its located near to where the platform is (they say near la but its still considered far to me coz it takes at least 1 hour to reach there by boat.. sometimes 2 to 3 hours if you unluckily followed a tortoise-speed laoya boat… ka na sai..)

damn stress ah theres no entertainment here at all.. no cinema, no shoppin complexes, no sport complex (I wana play basketball sob.. sob.. ) and most importantly, no pretty chicks at all.. f*ck.. malaysia should kick kota belud out of the its too boring itll spoil the cuti cuti Malaysia plan… damn stress ah staying here.. I miss kk.. sob sob.. :'(

k la update again when im back from offshore.. limpeh nid to be up early again tomorrow cz the bus will come to pick us up to jetty at 5, and the boat will leave at 6.. wuah~~~ *yawn* c ya.

will update some photos of the platform in the future.. limpeh forgot to bring my memory card adapter :'(..

tata ^^V

Monday, June 18, 2007

National Park

Limpeh finishd exam oledi.. very free nw so can write blog.. bt when I go back kk its gona b a different story because im gona b so f*ckin busy… tink im gona go back to my kk daily routine soon.. wake up at 2pm, brunch with frens at 3, kia kia abit until 4-4.30pm, go lintas yoyo for their pearl milk at 5, go home for shower and dinner at 6, watch astro wah lai toi until 10.30, go out at 11 *life starts nw..kekeke*, then yumcha, snooker, sometimes movie, sometimes beer at fren’s pub until 3am, then breakfast at lido (man I miss the mee there).. reach home at about 4, sleep at about 4.30.. then wake up at 2pm again.. and the story repeats..
note: I didn’t write about shitting in my daily routine cz I dn have the time to shit!! so busy!!!

These days (before goin back to kk) im stil free.. so I better make good use of the time I stil have to online..

Last nite I was searching the internet for lambir national park (nvr been there I hv to go there at least once before I graduate) then I suddenly came across with the national park in bintulu, the SIMILAJAU NATIONAL PARK.

*sweat drop*
They couldnt tink of a better name issit? Wat lanj*ao name is tat? wahaha!! BODOH!!
wit a name like tat, confirm no chinese wana go visit la..I mean seriously la, hw do they expect bintulu chinese kia to bring their frens there for a visit? Say u have a fren comin frm west msia and u wana bring him there.. hw ah? Like tis ah?

Bintulu kia: wana visit our national park?
Semenanjung kia: west msia got many national parks oo.. dn wan la.. some more ours is bigger, more syok!!
Bintulu kia: urs bigger bt ours more special..
Semenanjung kia: wat makes urs so special?
Bintulu kia: ours got many special fauna inside..
Semenanjung kia: ma chao hai u tink ours dn hav ah.. (*startin to get tulan)
Bintulu kia: ours is different.. instead of seeing animals runnin around, u see their lanj*ao hopping..
im a rabbit, not lanj*ao

Semenanjung kia: ….
Bintulu kia: so.. wana go see or nt?
Semenanjung kia: *middle finger

Bodoh punya park!
Dont say Chinese visitor… I tink they dont even have a Chinese staff there because whoever works there will b called lanj*ao kia by their frens.. I mati kebuluran oso dn wana b called lanj*ao kia ah… haha..
speakin of staffs, I wonder hw they inform the public when they are hiring staffs?

"Similajau national park is currently hiring. we have good workin environment, good working hours, good salary.. We similanj*ao (apa lanj*ao) also good. So why wait? Bring ur lanj*ao and come join our similanj*ao family nw.."


their lanj*ao mascot..

I tink its like tat..

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father's Day..

Today is father’s day.. bt sadly I cant b with my dad to celebrate this special day wit him.. im stil in miri and ill only b back in kk after 3 days..sien leh… ive missed mother’s day.. and now im missing father’s day oso?? Crap..!! ma chao hai,.. why do final exams always have to be around tis time where young and innocent children have lots to celebrate wit their family? Last time mother’s day I had assginemt due.. and now father’s day around final exam pula.. shit! But nvm la.. Luckily I stil have this blog.. eventhough I cant celebrate with him, I can stil wish him happy father’s day frm here..hehe..

hey, the rest of the blog is written for my dad.. so dn read!! Close ur eyes, move ur cursor to the top right corner, and click the black cross nw!!!!

jz kiddin…

Dad, u were nt there in the operation room when mom gav birth to me (u were outstation).. tats y u missd the chance of seeing hw I lookd like when I jz came to tis world..

"yo pretty nurse i need CPR.."

but it doesn’t matter anymore bcause u r here nw.. and u hv been here for 22 yrs to look after me, to care for me when im sick, to guide me when im lost, to love me when I need love, to protect me when I needed protection, to teach me hw to clean my butt, and most importantly….., to give me $$$ when im broke… u’re like my living atm.. the atm that givs out $$$ unlimitedly.. and for tat, I love u…

thanks for being there when I needed u.. and thanks for teachin me everythin u hv taught me.. if it wasn’t for u, I would have been eating or playin wit my own shit nw.. thank u.. u saved my life.. u r my superman..

I love ya dad, and Happy father’s day..i’ll spend u makan when I go back kk hehe:P

Happy father’s day to all the fathers in the world too.. hope y’all r havin fun wit ur kids nw..

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Limpeh is back!!

limpeh had not been blogging lately cause limpeh was too busy until limpeh had no time to lay limpeh’s hands on limpeh’s laptop..i did not even hav the time to shit properly.. once I sit dwn on the bowl and the first drop comes out I chao oledi sometimes did not even clean my butt hahaha (kidding)..for the past 6 days i was in skul from afternoon until midnite doin my projects.. went to lutong every single morning for the past 6 days.. even the lutong kolok mee auntie also scared of me oledi.. Imagine having 2 projects worth 60% and 80%, and a test worth 50% just 2 weeks before ur final exam.. of course hav to rush like hell la.. shit ah!! If doraemon was given so many projects n assignments, even the happy-go-lucky him wud get tulan..

i finaly finishd all last nite.. but sien ah!!! I haven’t started studyin for my final exams.., which is 4 days from nw.. hw to study wit only such a short time..? screw all u lecturers for givin us so many assignments and projects!! Ma chao hai!!

Oh ya btw today is my fren ah ku’s bday.. to ah ku, I knw ive been bullyin u a lot lately so here I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to u and wish u a very HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday… ive prepared ur present so claim it frm me when u c me..
since these few days we wont b meeting each other, for the time being u c the photos of the gift nia la..
*Scroll down for ur gift..
Argh cant get it out..! sorry technical problem.. hahahahaha

Hapy birthday to ah ku!

And good luck to everyone!! Exam ah!! chiong ah!!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes (Lan J*ao lah!!)

i saw a fren of mine Siew did this face recognition test and i found it very interesting (i didn realy see it la he's in aust i saw it from his blog).. its an easy test.. u upload ur photo, and tats it.. they'll show u which celebrities u look like.. cool huh? imagine hw great can technology be..
i was curious.. i wantd to knw which celebrity do i look like.. so i decided to go to and try this face recognition thingy mysef.. to my suprise, this is the result...

did u find anythin weird in the result? if u didnt, look closely...7 out of 8 of the photos shown are girls!! wtf??!! do i really look like a girl tat much??!! got mariah carey and one of the charlie's chicks lagi.. shit!! so lame!!
confirm they tipu ppl one.. once i see the result i can tell tat they tipu.. they match ur photo to the celebrities based on ur pose and the direction ur head is facing.. laosy face recognizer// (or mayb not...)

ok so i admit la.. i did pose like an "ah kua" in the photo la.. tats y they misinterpreted me as a chick.. so if i change my pose, i wonder wat will the result b? to prove that i DO NOT look like a girl, i took another more "macho" punya photo and redid the test.. and this is the result..

ngaiti... same lan j*ao result leh!! stil 7 out of 8 are girls... now got anita mui lagi... and one mr. potato-lookin ah pe.. even worse ah...
ive lost hope.. guess it wasn my posing tat made me look like a girl.. it was my face.. i hv a girly face..and how sad is that.. huhuhu:'(

dear God, if ur first intention was to make me a girl, why giv me a dick? :'(

i cant let ppl see my girly face.. tink frm nw on i hv to start wearing mask avtime i go out liao.. hv to wear mask like Slipknot, a band that rocks the world without showin their faces.. a very very cool band (their masks cool nia la their songs r nt as cool as their masks hahahaha)
i'll b joining the band nex sem after my final exam.. so ppl, jz wait and see.. ive prepared my mask...

this is Slipknot before i join

and this will be the new band after i join in..

my mask cool or not? hahahaha....